Create/Upload/Share an Online Video Audition


An Online Video Audition is a single video that contains all audition components. When you are done recording your audition, you will upload two things, the video, and a scan of the printed music. When you fill out your audition application, you will provide the URL links to your video and printed music.

As for any audition, consult and work with your private teacher while preparing. 

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Before creating your audition video, review the audition requirements for your instrument.

Online Video Audition Guidelines

  1. Audition must be recorded in one unedited take. Do not stop and start the camera until you’ve recorded your scales and your solos. All videos need to be unedited: you may not edit, cut, splice, add effects, or otherwise alter your performance.
  2. You are welcome to re-record as long as your final submission is in one continuous unedited take. Please only submit a single recording which best represents your playing.
  3. Before playing your solo piece, please announce the composition title, name of the composer, and what movement you will be playing (if applicable)
  4. Video framing: place the recording device so that you, your instrument, and your full range of motion are in the frame the entire time. The picture should remain stationary (no zooming, multiple cameras, panning, etc.) Please make sure that the music stand does not cover your face, instrument, or arms/hands. Remember that the conducting staff wants to watch you play as well as hear you.
  5. Video length: videos must not exceed 10 minutes total. The conducting staff will stop watching after 10 minutes. You do not need to play both solo pieces in their entirety. It is acceptable if your video is less than 10 minutes.

Video Recording Tips

  1. Find a quiet spot at home to film. Make sure your space is as well-lit as possible, and that there is more light in front of you rather than behind you, so that you are not backlit.
  2. If using a mobile device your device needs to be in landscape orientation.
  3. Place the video recording device on a flat surface.
  4. Woodwind and brass musicians should point their bells slightly off-center (not directly at the mic). String musicians, make sure that the face of your instrument is directed towards the device so that we can see both your left-hand and bow-arm. Remember that we want to see your full range of motion.
  5. Do a test beforehand to check sound levels. Make sure that sound is not distorted in loud passages or inaudible in soft passages. 

Uploading and Sharing Your Audition

When you have completed your video and scanned the printed music you need to upload and share them.

Uploading your audition material
For the video you can use a video service such as YouTube or cloud storage such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud. For the scan of your printed music, please upload as a PDF or JPG image to cloud storage.

Creating links to share audition files with YOBC
You will provide links to share your video and to the scanned printed music. When you create the links, make sure you select “anyone with this link can view this file”.

Sharing your video and printed music links with YOBC
When you fill out your audition application, you will provide the links to your video and printed music.

Examples of Uploading to YouTube and Google Drive

The examples below may differ somewhat from what you see on your screen or from the cloud service you are using.

Unlisted YouTube VideoGoogle Drive
1. If you have a Google (gmail) account, you have a YouTube account. (This may not be true if you are using a school account.)
2. Log in to Google.
3. Open YouTube.
4. In the top right corner (shown below), click the video camera icon.
5. Then Click Upload video.
Machine generated alternative text:
Upload video 
Go live
6. Find your video and upload it.
Machine generated alternative text:
Drag and drop a file you want to upload 
Your video will be private until you publish it 
7. Give it a name using this format: FirstName LastInitial YOBC Audition
8. Click the o next to No, it’s not made for kids.
9. Click NEXT.
10. Then Click NEXT again.
11. Select Unlisted.
Machine generated alternative text:
Choose when to publish and who can see your video 
Save or publish 
Make your video public, unlisted, or private 
O Public 
Everyone can see your video 
Set as instant Premiere O 
Anyone with the video link can see your video 
O Private 
Only you and people you choose can see your video
12. Then click SAVE.
13. Copy the Copy Video Link button and paste it into the YOBC form.
Machine generated alternative text:
Video published 
Virginia Glatzer YOBC Audition 2020 
Uploaded Apr 19, 2020 
Share a link 
Video link 
Copy video IN 
Only those you share the link with will be able to see your video.
NOTE: Some schools do not allow sharing outside of the district.
1. Log in to Google.
Machine generated alternative text:
2. Go to Drive.
3. Click New.
4. Select File Upload.
Machine generated alternative text:
File upload 
Folder upload 
Google Docs 
Google Sheets 
Google Slides 
5. Your File will upload.
Machine generated alternative text:
Uploading 1 item 
Less than a minute left 
15 Edge.mp4 
6. When your file is finished uploading, click it.
7. Click the 3 dots in the top right corner (or the person with the + sign).
8. Select Share.
Machine generated alternative text:
Manage caption tracks 
0 + Share

9. Click Get Shareable link
Machine generated alternative text:
Share with others 
Enter names or email addresses.. 
Get shareable link co 
10.Click Copy Link.
Machine generated alternative text:
Share with others 
Link sharing on Learn more 
Anyone with the link can view 
Get shareable link 
htt 00 lecom/fIIe/d/1ZnbLYrcAL-ielVOL8FDTY3Gwvu 
Copy link 
11. Paste the link into the YOBC form.