Percussion Requirements

All percussion applicants must be currently studying with a private teacher and have completed a minimum of one year of private study – two years of private study is recommended. Prepare the following music for your audition:

  • Prepared Solo: A prepared solo on snare drum is required
  • Rudiments: Prepare a selection of rudiments, including a long roll, flam rudiment and drag rudiment, which demonstrate your current level of playing.
  • Optional Solo: Students who have studied timpani and/or mallets should prepare a solo on these instruments as well. ADVANCED DIVISION: Timpani/Mallet experience preferred. Please prepare a solo on timpani and/or mallets in addition to snare.
  • Mallet players should be prepared to play as many major scales and arpeggios as possible.
  • Students will be tested on tuning timpani intervals, based on their level of experience.
  • Sight reading will be asked on at least one instrument.
  • Bring a list of the percussion instruments on which you have training and playing experience.

Please Note:   All YOBC percussionists are required to participate in Percussion Ensemble and a band ensemble. Some students will also be recommended for participation in a YOBC orchestra (Symphony Orchestra or Philharmonia)