YOBC Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides oversight and guidance to YOBC programs

Andrew States
Board President

Foundation & Alumni Relations
Bucks County Community College
Assistant Director

Alexander T. Godun
Board Vice-President
Leadership and Governance Committee Chair

Liberty Coating Company
Human Resources Manager

Jonathan Solomons
Board Treasurer

Citizens Acting Together Can Help (CATCH) Inc.
Chief Financial Officer

Veronica Wetherill
YOBC Board Secretary

Renee Abendroth
Vice President, Client Implementations and Support
LoanLogics, Inc.

Deborah Beck
Cipriani & Werner, P.C.

Erin Daniel
Director of Scientific Project Management

Jean Dolan
Coordinator, DEI & Community Engagement AA
Bucks County Community College

Potter Earle
Commercial Services, Advanced Analytics IQVIA
Engagement Manager

Terri Grace
Hope Lutheran School and Church

Stephanie Schwartzberg
Penn Community Bank
Executive Vice President,
Chief Legal & Risk Officer

Natalie Taptykoff-Wilks
Penn Community Bank
Vice President
Senior Marketing Manager

Natasha Tarampi
SOAProjects, Inc.
Technical Accounting

Robert Loughran
YOBC Music Director

Princeton High School
Music Director

Erica Stockton
YOBC Executive Director

Ex officio