YOBC Curriculum

The Curriculum Development Committee began work on this project in November 2009, under the direction of the Music Director, Mr. Robert Loughran. With the steady growth of our student population and a corresponding increase in the number of ensembles, master classes, and enrichment programs being offered, the Curriculum Development Committee set out to establish, define, and coordinate YOBC’s educational programs and objectives. The YOBC Curriculum is conceived of as an ongoing process and will be evaluated and updated in reviews to be conducted annually. More details about our placement philosophy and ensemble prerequisites are available here.

Overarching Goal

To articulate and coordinate the educational goals of YOBC’s ensembles into a progressive and cohesive music education program with the objective of providing students with a comprehensive and structured classical music experience.

Goals of the Curriculum

  1. Establish a coordinated curriculum to more effectively address the musical
  2. Develop students as they progress through the YOBC program.
  3. Provide as a resource for YOBC conductors and clinicians to ensure the continuity YOBC’s programs.
  4. Use as starting point for ongoing curriculum evaluation.
  5. Clarify the entrance skill levels for each ensemble to assist adjudicators in student placement for initial and placement auditions.
  6. Establish clear and consistent guidelines for entrance auditions for area teachers and students seeking to learn more about YOBC
  7. Provide clear and consistent guidelines for current students, (and their parents and teachers) seeking to move up to the next level ensemble.
  8. Provide informational material to present to area educators for recruitment and marketing purposes.
  9. Provide informational material for potential financial sponsors.
  10. Establish specific criteria to be used in evaluating staff and program effectiveness

Goals of Enrichment Programs

  1. Develop enrichment opportunities which offer experiences and learning beyond the scope of ensemble programs.
  2. Establish guidelines for enrichment programs which ensure opportunities for all YOBC students, within every division.
  3. Create the opportunity for students to interact with musicians of a high artistic level.
  4. Develop a comprehensive program which provides opportunities for enrichment in a variety of formats to include master classes, sectionals, side-by-side rehearsals/concerts, and chamber performance opportunities.
  5. Establish YOBC as a resource for music teachers and students in the Bucks County community by inviting their participation.