Volunteer Information


Communicates between musicians/parents and conductor/YOBC staff. Monitors weekly rehearsals through Googledocs, takes attendance at weekly rehearsals, sends weekly reminders to volunteer set-up/break-down parents, collects for conductor gifts, and helps Librarian with back-up music when needed. YOBC Liaisons must agree to submit background clearances in accordance with new PA State law that requires background clearances for all volunteers who directly work with/supervise children. There is no cost for such clearances. Liaisons receive a slight reduction in tuition fee.
Rehearsal Volunteer
Helps with Sunday rehearsal set-up or break-down for your child’s ensemble.  May switch with another volunteer if there is a conflict with any assigned dates. Volunteers are needed approximately 6-8 times throughout the entire year. 
Snack Stand Coordinator (2 volunteers share job)
Takes charge of weekly snack stand inventory – purchases candy/soda/water and picks up pretzels for sale each Sunday. Helps to set up stand each week, along with Sunday volunteers, with items from the YOBC food locker. Needs to be able to arrive by 12:45 pm.
Snack Stand Close-out (2 volunteers share job)
At end of Sunday rehearsal – 6:30 – helps to break down the stand each Sunday, along with last-shift snack sales volunteer. Counts proceeds from the day and puts into the locker as well.  Needs to be able to arrive by 6:10 to finish close-out by 6:30. 
Snack Stand Volunteers
These volunteers work a 2-hr shift at the snack stand at Sunday rehearsals. 


These volunteers are important to the smooth running of our concerts, held twice in the season – mid-November and mid- April. Volunteers have a variety of jobs –stage crew, sales, photographer (candids), videographer (advanced division I only), ensemble chaperone, etc. Works both fall and spring concerts of your child’s ensemble. 
Formal Photographer
Takes formal photos of all ensembles in the fall at concert time.  May be asked to take formal photos of chamber ensembles in the spring. 


Auditions/Poster distribution
Helps with registering and directing new applicants on audition days in April or May.  Also helps with local posting of concert posters in fall or spring. 
Special Events/Fundraising
Volunteers will be on a Benefit Committee and help to plan the annual spring gala/benefit – usually held in February. 


Jobs may include helping out with special events, data entry, mailings, etc. 
Managed/trained by YOBC Librarian. Handles music from conductor, making copies of all music and scanning copies for website. These are scanned as pdf files, following YOBC protocol regarding separating parts and naming files. Handles both fall and spring concert music. 
Library Assistant
Managed/trained by YOBC Librarian. Makes backup copies of all music for the ensembles before the start of each semester. Fills music boxes for each ensemble with copies before start of semester. Inventories and re-shelves music after concerts.
Posters and annual report 
Design posters for fall and spring concerts as well as annual report design (usually done in July-August after the season is over)
Attendance Coordinator
Good job for someone to work from home. Volunteer tracks the excused absences from submitted forms sent by Liaisons, sends out reminders/notifications to unexcused students, and checks the master attendance list for 3 absences. Sends notification to those students (form letter provided). Makes up year-end attendance reports & awards.
YOBC Blogger/Public Relations
Good writing skills; familiarity with YOBC programs and mission. Writes post/press releases about events and news from YOBC. Generates story ideas and 250-400–word posts. Works with Development Director and Executive Director to identify topics of interest. 
YOBC Senior Recognition Volunteer (senior parent)
Identifies graduating seniors in the fall, using the roster from Administrative Coordinator; manages senior survey from responses, helps with senior reception following the spring concert. 
Marketing Materials Volunteer
Takes YOBC marketing materials to and from Penn Community Bank branches in the Bucks County area. Schedule is set for monthly pickup/drop-offs. Good job for someone who enjoys driving!