Resources: Private Instructors

Many YOBC students and parents request a list of private music instructors who are active in our area. YOBC may provide a list of instructors as a convenient starting point for students and parents searching for an instructor suitable for their musical needs.  Some of them have or have recently had students in YOBC programs.  These instructors are not agents or employees of YOBC. Inclusion in or provision of the list is not a recommendation or approval of any of the instructors on the list and does not reflect whether or not the instructor maintains current PA Criminal and Child Abuse clearances. YOBC has not and does not conduct backgrounds checks on any of these instructors. It is the responsibility of parents to verify any required background checks and qualifications. YOBC cannot and will not regulate contact (including phone calls, electronic messages, and social media interactions), or intercede in any relationship, between students/parents and instructors. YOBC will not have any liability in connection with any of the instructors.
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