Tuition Rates and Assistance

Tuition Rates

Tuition for the 2024-2025 season is as follows:

  • Full Season
    • One child in YOBC = $832/student
    • Two children in YOBC from the same family = $750/student
    • If there are more than 2 children from the same family in YOBC, tuition for the first two students is $750/student. The 3rd child (and any additional children) receives free tuition.
  • Sustaining member add-on = $200 in addition to tuition
    Tuition covers only a portion of the cost of educating a YOBC student through our programs. Your choice of sustaining membership helps provide additional funds for YOBC to put toward scholarships for families in need of assistance.
  • Volunteer waiver add-on = $150 in addition to tuition
    YOBC has a parent volunteer requirement. This requirement can be waived for the fee indicated above.
  • Liaison Credit = -$100 reduction of tuition
    The volunteer liaison role requires a parent to be present for every rehearsal for at least one semester. There are typically two liaisons per ensemble. Parents can apply to be a liaison during the enrollment process. If accepted, the credit will be applied after the third rehearsal of the semester that the liaison is serving in.
  • Students In Concert (SIC)
    For students in the Bristol Township School District that participate in the Students In Concert (SIC) program, email for instructions on rates and how to enroll.


  • Tuition payment or a tuition assistance request is due at time of enrollment
  • Payment can be made in one payment at time of enrollment or across four payments. (see details below)
  • Any past due balance must be paid in full before a student can attend rehearsals.

Payment Options

  1. Pay online via credit card or PayPal
  2. Mail in a check

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is available and awarded on the basis of need.

It is our goal that no student will be turned away from YOBC due to a lack of financial resources.  In order to be eligible for tuition assistance:

  • Student must be first accepted into YOBC
  • Student must participate in their school’s performance music program (if available)
  • Student must take private music lessons (1st year elementary band students are exempt)
  • Students and their families must demonstrate financial need and a commitment to YOBC

Students approved for tuition assistance are expected to demonstrate the highest commitment to YOBC in terms of preparedness, attendance, leadership, and full participation in YOBC programs and concerts.

How to apply for tuition assistance

You must first enroll to be considered for tuition assistance. You can apply for tuition assistance on the payment section of the enrollment form. You will be asked to indicate how much of the tuition your family can contribute and a brief description of your financial circumstances.

The first round of tuition assistance will be for enrollments for the upcoming Fall semester that have been submitted between March 1st and June 30th. Other requests for tuition assistance outside of those dates will be considered as funds allow.

The first round of tuition assistance awards notices will be emailed on July 15th. Other requests will be processed within two weeks of receipt of the enrollment form.

The balance of tuition due must be paid within two (2) weeks of receiving a tuition assistance award notice.

Payment Plan

As an alternative to payment tuition in a single payment at time of enrollment or requestion tuition assistance, families enrolling in the Fall semester may request for tuition to be made in four (4) monthly payments.  We will invoice you for each payment.  Payments 2, 3, and 4 will be for $200.  The first payment will be for the remaining total due. As example, $850 would be four monthly payments of $250, $200, $200, and $200.  The first payment will be due at time of enrollment.  To request a payment plan, in the enrollment form, please select “Request tuition assistance” as the Payment Method and enter “Payment Plan” in the “Family Contribution” and “Additional Information” fields.

President’s Scholarship

YOBC’s President’s Scholarship is a need-based scholarship that offers one year of free private lessons on your instrument and one year of significant tuition assistance at YOBC. All application materials must be submitted by July 1st to be considered. To apply, click here to view the President’s Scholarship application requirements.

The Accelerando Award

Thanks to a generous donor, YOBC is able to offer The Accelerando Award for the 23-24, 24-25, and 25-26 seasons. The Accelerando Award is a need-based scholarship that offers one year of full tuition assistance to YOBC as well as a private lesson stipend. To be considered, families should fill out the tuition assistance portion of the enrollment form when registering for YOBC. Applications are for a full-season enrollment.