Audition Application

We are now accepting new student auditions for the 2024-2025 season – Fall semester.

Please fill out the online form prior to sending your video. Details regarding video submission are available at the conclusion of the form.

School Music Program Participation Requirement

All students must participate in their school instrumental music program as available.

Conduct Requirement

YOBC requires students to treat their conductors, ensemble
liaisons, and fellow musicians with respect. Students who repeatedly engage in disruptive or disrespectful behavior may be dismissed and required to forfeit YOBC membership and tuition.

Private Lesson Requirement

Students who are not taking private lessons are allowed to audition for YOBC, however, all students who are accepted are required to begin private lessons prior to registering for membership.  YOBC requires all student members to take private lessons.

Audition Application

Please complete all fields. If you have any trouble with the form, contact


While YOBC can accommodate some special requests, not all areas of need can be supported. Please tell us about your child's special need:

YOBC communicates via email and will notify you about your audition this way. Please provide an email address that is regularly monitored. A copy of this application will be emailed to this address.

Please provide the best number to call if we need to contact you by phone.

If your private teacher's name did not come up in the previous field, please add new teacher here. Otherwise, leave this field blank.

What year did you start taking private lessons? (If you just started, or have not yet started lessons, please put the current year.)

If you attend private school or are homeschooled, please indicate. If you attend school in New Jersey or Montgomery County, please select those categories. Indicate specific school below.

Indicate here if homeschooled

What year do you anticipate graduating from high school? Class of:

Name of school instrumental music teacher

YOBC requires students to participate in their school instrumental music program, where one exists. Please let us know which music program you participate in.

Where did you learn about YOBC? (i.e., school teacher, private teacher, newspaper, website, other)

Please describe your playing experience.

YOBC requires participation in school instrumental music programs (where one exists). Participation will be verified should you be placed in a YOBC ensemble. Check here to authorize YOBC to verify school participation.

Once you've submitted this form, you will select if you want to audition in-person or submit an on-line audition. 


If you have any questions, please contact the office at or 267-225-1908 .