Tour Rehearsal & Music Preparation

2018 Tour Rehearsal Schedule

Exceptional Musical Preparation is Critical
Students are expected to carefully prepare all tour music to the highest artistic and technical standards. Preparation will include:
  • Individual Practice – Tour music and part assignments are posted on the YOBC website. Print out and practice your music now. You are expected to thoroughly learn your music prior to the first tour rehearsal.
  • Tour Rehearsals – 100% Participation
Tour musicians are expected to attend all rehearsals. Please reserve these dates on your calendar. There are only five tour rehearsals. Plan to arrive early and be in your seat ready to play at the rehearsal start time. Make sure that you bring your music and a pencil to all rehearsals. All music should be learned prior to the Tour Soiree.
Repertoire and listening links below: Log in on the Members Only page to access music.

Reminder: Mr. Loughran would like everyone to prepare their parts using these listening links,in order to have ALL NOTES PRACTICED & LEARNED by the first tour rehearsal on Friday evening, March 9th.


Tour Soiree Schedule

6:20    Students Report
Binder Distribution
Passport/Documents/T-Shirt Order Forms Collection
6:45-7:55      Full Rehearsal
7:55               Announcements & Dismiss Strings to Reception
8:00-8:30     Winds/Percussion Rehearse
8:30               Announcements & Winds/Percussion to Reception
8:35-9:00     String Sectional
9:00-10:00   Full Rehearsal
8:00-9:00     Reception
8:00-8:30     Strings
8:30-9:00     Winds/Percussion

Rehearsal Schedule

May 6
Parents’ Meeting
June 8
 6:30 – 10:30
Students & Parents Meeting
July 6
6:30 – 10:00
 Chaperone Training – All Parents
July 7
6:00 – 10:30
Chaperone Training – All Parents
July 8
 1:00 – 4:30
Rehearsal / Bon Voyage Concert 4:00