The Difference Between Ordinary and Extraordinary

According to renowned composer Vladimir Horowitz, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice. In this year’s Practice-A-Thon, YOBC students made an extraordinary contribution to the quality of the fall concerts as well as to YOBC’s scholarship fund. Practicing for over 55,000 minutes, the young musicians raised more than $7300 to help provide tuition assistance, scholarships, and music lessons to fellow students who might otherwise not be able to take part in YOBC programs.

This year’s top prize — the ensemble with the highest average practice time — went to Concertino. They will celebrate with a pizza party later in the spring. The highest-earning ensemble was Prima Strings. This 16-member group collected nearly a third of all money raised in the event.

YOBC is grateful to all of the students and their families who took part in this year’s Practice-A-Thon. Their efforts remind us of all the extraordinary people who make up the extended YOBC family who are essential to creating high-quality music programs.