Welcome Alumni

Welcome YOBC alumni! Thank you for taking this opportunity to reconnect with us. Please complete the form below for information about upcoming events or to sign up for the 25th Anniversary Gala Concert
Join YOBC again to perform in the 25th Anniversary Gala at Patriots Theater in the Trenton War Memorial, May 21. Alumni & all current YOBC students will perform in the Finale, including the premier of a commissioned work. Rehearsals will be held at BCCC on April 23, April 30, and May 7 at 4:30 pm. Please indicate which (if any) rehearsals you will be able to attend.
Below are some of of the ways you can re-engage with YOBC. Please click on the box to indicate your interests (multiple answers possible). If you have any suggestions or wish to elaborate, please do so below.
Events at YOBC will be recorded. Participants agree to occasional use of their image and participation in promotional and educational materials by YOBC.