President’s Scholarship Checklist


Presidents Scholarship: Please PRINT, complete, and submit along with support documents.
Documents (including this checklist) may be mailed (see below) or  scanned and submitted by the July 7th deadline.
Student Name: ____________________ Instrument: ______________ YOBC Ensemble: _______________
Support documents:
_____ Student Letter – Student must write a letter briefly explaining their motivation for applying for the scholarship and their goals should they be selected.
_____ Parent Letter – The parent/guardian must provide a letter stating why they believe that their child would benefit frrom this scholarship and their commitment to help the student comply with the scholarship requirements.
_____ Music Teacher Recommendation – Students must obtain at least one letter of recommendation from their school Music Director or from a music educator with specific knowledge of the student’s music performance skills.
_____ Tax Returns – The parent/guardian must provide YOBC with a confidential copy of the family’s prior-year federal tax return to demonstrate financial need
Please initial to indicate your understanding of your commitment.
_____ Students selected for the President’s YOBC  Scholarship are expected to demonstrate the highest commitment to YOBC in terms of preparedness, attendance, leadership, and full participation in YOBC programs.
_____ Students are required to participate in all concerts and dress rehearsals. A year-long commitment to YOBC is also required.
_____ Students must faithfully attend and prepare for their lessons.
_____ Students must agree to abide by YOBC’s policies as outlined in our Student Handbook (see Documents and Forms in the Members area).
We have read and are in agreement with the terms/conditions of the scholarship as stated on the YOBC website.
Student ______________________________Parent/Guardian ____________________________________
Materials may be sent as email attachments to or mailed to
YOBC 111 Pheasant Run, Suite 100, Newtown, PA 18940
Application deadline is July 7th. ALL materials must be received by that date.
Questions? or 267- 225-1908.