Tour Packing List

Packing Guidelines for YOBC 2018 Andalusia Tour

How Much Can I Bring?

  • Carry-on (1) Must be under 9”d x14”w x 22”h including handles and wheels and fit in overhead bin or under seat.
  • Personal Carry-on Item (1) Example: shoulder bag or backpack.  Must be under 9”x 10” x17”
  • Musical Instruments as Carry-on Luggage: Your instrument is your carry on if your instrument is within the carry-on size guidelines and you play: flute, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, saxophone, bassoon, trombone, French horns w/ detachable bells, snare drum.  Smaller instruments may be placed in a carry-on bag.
  • One Checked Luggage (under 50 lbs) not exceeding 62” linear inches (L+W+H), including handles & wheels
  • Weigh Luggage before leaving home.
  • United Air Packing Guidelines:

What Should I Bring?

General Packing Tips 

  • Pack Light – You must be able to carry your own luggage/musical equipment! Elevators not always available.
  • Carry-on Guidelines – No sharp objects; liquid and gels must be in 4 oz. or smaller containers & placed collectively in a quart-sized zip-locked bag to be removed for inspection at security screening; for complete carry-on guidelines, refer to
  • All LuggageDo not lock luggage; place an identification card with name, address & phone #, on and in all checked and carry-on luggage including your instrument; YOBC will provide brightly colored ties to help identify all YOBC luggage.

Instrument Insurance and Transportation

  • It is strongly recommended that all instruments be insured against loss of theft or damage. Insurance can be obtained as a rider to your homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • All YOBC musicians will be responsible for packing their instruments in sturdy, properly fitting cases. Use  bubble wrap to ensure the instrument is adequately protected.  If you have 2 similar instruments, it is recommended that the least expensive instrument be taken on this trip.
  • For stringed instruments, ease the tension on strings before traveling.
  • Cellos, tuba, and large percussion instruments have been rented in Spain for student use.

Concert Necessities

  • Music Stand: students must pack their own, portable music stands in their luggage. Students who share a stand need to coordinate with their stand partner to confirm who will be bringing the stand.
  • Concert Music in Binder: All students need to bring their own music – even if they share music w/someone else.
  • Instrument & Supplies: Instrument, equipment (mutes etc) & emergency supplies -extra reeds, strings, oil etc.
  • Music Anchors: 4-5 chip/binder clips, clothes pins or combs to anchor music – outdoor concerts can be breezy
  • Concert Attire
    • Men– long sleeve black collared shirt, black trousers, black socks, black dress shoes
    • Women– black blouse WITH sleeves (no tank tops or sleeveless), tea/ankle length black skirt/dress or slacks, black dress shoes (no stockings)

Clothing  Temperatures will be very warm.  Temperatures can reach over 100F in July. Plan accordingly

  • YOBC logo shirt– MUST be worn on air travel days
  • We will be visiting some sights where you are required to cover shoulders and knees. Make sure to pack some the below the knee shorts and/or dresses and shirts/blouses which cover your shoulders. 
  • Modest Bathing suit (1)
  • Sunglasses and hat