Placement Audition for Returning Students


What ensemble(s) will I be in for the next YOBC season?

Our goal is to place every student in an ensemble which will provide the best possible learning experience. There are two possible placements for all returning students.

  1. Remain in your current ensemble(s). Most students spend at least 2 years in each ensemble.
  2. Audition to be placed in a different ensemble. (placement audition)

If a student does not submit a recorded placement audition, they will be automatically assigned to their current ensemble.

For students that participated in the 2019-2020 season and did not participate in the 2020-2021 season, they can return to the same ensemble without having to provide a recorded placement audition. If the student would like to be considered for a new placement, they should submit a recorded placement audition.

Fanfare Winds and Symphony Orchestra students do not need to submit a recorded placement audition. Their placement will remain the same.

About Placement Auditions

How does the placement audition process work?
Placement auditions will be done this year by sending in a video along with an electronic copy of your printed music . There are three steps to submit your placement audition.

  1. Record and upload your placement audition video to the cloud (YouTube or Google Drive)
  2. Upload a PDF or jpeg of your printed music to the cloud (Google Drive or One Drive)
  3. Submit a placement audition submission form

Keep reading for all the details.

Due Date
We have rolling auditions through out the year. We are currently accepting auditions for the Fall semester of the 2021-2022 season. Placement auditions submitted by the 1st of the month will be evaluated and reported to you via email by the 15th of that month.

Placement requests and decisions
Students do not request to join a specific ensemble. Placement is determined by the placement audition and is at the sole discretion of the YOBC music directors.

When will I know the results of my audition?
Parents and students will be notified of ensemble placement via email on the schedule listed above (submit by the 1st of the month, know on the 15th of the month).

Because of time and personnel constraints, students should not expect written evaluations.

Placement Audition Requirements

Listed below are the specific requirements for different instruments. The music you select should best showcase your current level of playing. As for any audition, consult and work with your private teacher while preparing.

All String Players

  • 2 scales at any tempo representing your most advanced level of playing
  • 2 contrasting solo works or etudes from student’s current or recently completed study

Current Wind Symphony students wishing to be considered for Wind Ensemble

  • A solo which represents your best technical accomplishment. Band music is not acceptable
  • 2 scales at any tempo representing your most advanced level of playing

Current Wind Ensemble students wishing to be considered for Fanfare Winds

  • Two solos or etudes (or excerpts) which demonstrate your best technical accomplishment.
  • 2 scales at any tempo representing your most advanced level of playing

Placement Audition – Video Submission Guidelines

Students will submit a single video that contains all audition components. Video auditions will not include a sight-reading component.

  1. Audition must be recorded in one unedited take. Your scales and solo should be in the same take – do not stop your camera until you’ve recorded both. All videos need to be unedited: you may not edit, cut, splice, add effects, or otherwise alter your performance.
  2. You are welcome to re-record as long as your final submission is in one continuous unedited take. Please only submit a single recording which best represents your playing.
  3. Before playing your solo piece, please announce the composition title, name of the composer, and what movement you will be playing (if applicable)
  4. Video framing: place the recording device so that you, your instrument, and your full range of motion are in the frame the entire time. The picture should remain stationary (no zooming, multiple cameras, panning, etc.) Please make sure that the music stand does not cover your face, instrument, or arms/hands. Remember that the conducting staff wants to watch you play as well as hear you.
  5. Video length: videos must not exceed 10 minutes total. The conducting staff will stop watching after 10 minutes. You do not need to play both solo pieces in their entirety. It is acceptable if your video is less than 10 minutes.

Video Recording Tips

  1. Find a quiet spot at home to film. Make sure your space is as well-lit as possible, and that there is more light in front of you rather than behind you, so that you are not backlit.
  2. If using a mobile device your device needs to be in landscape orientation.
  3. Place the video recording device on a flat surface.
  4. Woodwind and brass musicians should point their bells slightly off-center (not directly at the mic). String musicians, make sure that the face of your instrument is directed towards the device so that we can see both your left-hand and bow-arm. Remember that we want to see your full range of motion.
  5. Do a test beforehand to check sound levels. Make sure that sound is not distorted in loud passages or inaudible in soft passages. 

Need help on how to upload your video and printed music?

Click here for upload instructions

Wow! That’s a lot of information.
I’m Ready. What do I do now?

  1. Record and upload your placement audition video to the cloud (YouTube or Google Drive)
  2. Upload a PDF or jpeg of your printed music to the cloud (Google Drive or One Drive)
  3. Click the BIG YELLOW BUTTON below to let us know your placement audition video and printed music have both been uploaded.