String Placement

Placement Process for Returning String Students at All Levels

As part of a comprehensive method of placement evaluation, YOBC will no longer require a single, isolated audition when assessing our current musicians’ abilities. Instead, all returning YOBC string students will be placed in YOBC ensembles based on conductor recommendation. This will be an ongoing process and will involve the following steps:

  • Throughout the spring semester, all students will be evaluated during the rehearsal process by their conductor and sometimes the conductor of the next sequential YOBC ensemble.
  • Conductors will recommend student placement for the following year, based upon their technical and interpretive level of current YOBC repertoire, and their contribution to the musical ideals of their ensemble during the rehearsal process.
  • Parents and students will be notified of ensemble placement for the next year by email after the spring concert, prior to registration.
  • Because of time and personnel constraints, students should not expect written evaluations.