• Play with good posture and playing position.
  • Use all four fingers of the left hand (including fourth finger) equally effectively.
  • Demonstrate developing vibrato skills.
  • Play in tune in first and third positions (violin and viola), first through fourth position (cello), and half through fourth position (bass).
  • Have some familiarity with higher positions.
  • Play in tune in major and minor keys through three sharps and three flats.
  • Produce a good tone in a variety of dynamic ranges and tempo.
  • Comfortably employ a variety of bow strokes including:
                        hooked bowing
  • Play passages that include running sixteenth notes at a tempo of at least 112 beats per minute.
  • Accurately Interpret common rhythms found in simple and compound meters.
  • Demonstrate respect for themselves, their peers, their conductor, and the music-making process.