Orch: Symphony Orchestra


  • A refined tone and ability to adjust tonal color as appropriate to the instrumentand music.
  • An ability to perform all articulation in a well-executed, nuanced style, including but not limited to staccato, legato, slur, fp, sfp.
  • Finely tuned accuracy in performance of all rhythms.
  • An ability to perform technical passages with accuracy and ease.
  • A refined ability to tune and adjust intonation with accuracy when indicated.
  • An ability to perform with facility in all keys.
  • An ability to perform scales in all keys, with a sense of line and phrasing.
  • An ability to perform with refined sensitivity, expression and phrasing.
  • An ability to listen to themselves and others when performing.
  • An ability to visually respond to conductors and musicians.
  • An ability to change tonal color as needed and to blend with others.
  • An ability to perform with more nuanced dynamics to include the full dynamic range (ppp-fff)
  • Trumpets and horns should have some exposure to transposition.