Brass & Woodwinds

Brass and Woodwind Requirements

We recommend that students consult with their private teacher or school music teacher in choosing music which represents their current skill level and preparing for their audition. Please prepare the following music for your audition video.

  • 2 scales at any tempo representing your most advanced level of playing

  • 2 contrasting solo works or etudes from student’s current or recently completed study.

Possible ensemble placement includes

  • Wind Symphony –  Intermediate Division (concert band)

  • Wind Ensemble – Advanced II Division (concert band)

  • Fanfare Winds – Advanced I Division (concert band)

In addition, a brass or woodwind player may be placed in:

  • Philharmonia – Advanced II Division (full orchestra)

  • Symphony Orchestra – Advanced I Division (full orchestra)

Placement in an ensemble is at the sole discretion of YOBC music directors. Students do not audition for a specific ensemble. Guidelines for placement for our different ensembles are located under About YOBC/YOBC Curriculum.