YOBC Student Interns & Volunteers

YOBC student internships are structured positions that are designed to provide students with valuable work experience in a specific area of service. Student Internships require a commitment of time and service from the student and involve supervision and instruction from a YOBC conductor or administrator. Specific responsibilities and hours are determined jointly, in advance, by YOBC and the student interns. Students may apply to be a Teaching Intern, Administrative Intern, or Social Media Intern.

YOBC student volunteers lend crucial assistance to various projects throughout the season. Volunteer service does not include a regular weekly commitment of time (like the student internships do). Instead, YOBC students may opt-in to particular projects. Students who wish to volunteer can indicate their interest by completing the Application Form. If you fill out the form, you will be contacted throughout the year about volunteer opportunities.

Below are some student volunteer opportunities for the 23-24 Season…

  • Historic Bristol Day
    10/21/23 (Sat)
    Volunteer to help at the YOBC promo table
  • Assist with Chamber Music Performance and Food Drive
    11/4/23 (Sat)
    More info coming soon!
  • YOBC Music Library Volunteer Day
    Date TBD
  • Sunday Rehearsal Setup

Details on YOBC Student Internships

Teaching Intern
Interns serve as a teaching assistant under the supervision of a YOBC conductor in Prima Strings, Concertino, or Wind Symphony. Typical duties may include tuning, leading sectionals, demonstrating skills, leading warm-ups, and individual instruction. Experienced interns may be asked to assist in conducting. Teaching intern positions involve attending the YOBC rehearsals and concerts for the group in which you are interning. Apply Here.

Administrative Intern
Interns serve as an administrative assistant under the supervision of a YOBC administrator. Sample duties may include but are not limited to data entry, library maintenance, newsletter assistance, marketing & public relations projects, and general office work. Administrative intern hours may involve work after school, on weekends, on school holidays, or during the summer, depending on the student’s schedule and work requirements. Apply Here.

Social Media Intern
The social media intern will work with and be supervised by YOBC’s staff Social Media Coordinator. YOBC uses social media for communication, marketing, and to generate excitement about our programs. Sample duties may include working on goals and planning, brainstorming projects, and/or providing photos or media from YOBC rehearsals and events. Applicants should be comfortable with the social media channels that YOBC uses (Facebook and Instagram). Apply here.