String Quartet Audition Info

YOBC Honors String Quartet

Audition Information

YOBC Honors String Quartet was created to provide students an opportunity to develop strong ensemble and musical skills in a small setting with professional coaching. Student commitment to the group is crucial to ensure a rich learning experience for every member of the group.

Please read all requirements carefully to ensure that you are able to fulfill all requirements.

Four Positions Only:    2 Violins, 1 Viola, 1 Cello
Audition Date:             Saturday, September 7, 2019

Audition Material    

See music posted on YOBC website
Borodin String Quartet excerpts for auditions.
Violin 1 – beginning at measure 5 to downbeat of measure 35. Then rehearsal E, starting at the 8th note F-natural, to 5 before rehearsal F at the dotted half note E- sharp.
Violin 2 – Eight before rehearsal E, to 2 after rehearsal F. Then 5 before rehearsal H to eight after rehearsal H
Viola – Rehearsal D to the down beat of the key change at tempo 1. Then, 3rd measure of rehearsal G to 2 measures after rehearsal I.
Cello – rehearsal C to eight measures before the key change. Then measure 224, which is 11th measure of rehearsal G, up to two before H at the downbeat. That section of 8th notes are suppose to be pizzicato but it is not marked pizzicato.

Student Requirements

  • Students must be members of the YOBC Symphony Orchestra.
  • Students must be available to perform on all scheduled concert dates. Cancellation of performances is not fair to other members of the ensemble and cannot be allowed.
  • Students must agree to attend all rehearsals except in the case of illness or emergencies.
  • Students must agree to arrive at rehearsals early and be ready to begin rehearsal on time.
  • Students must agree to meticulously prepare their music in accordance with input from the coach.
  • Students selected for participation must agree to abide by YOBC attendance and conduct policies.
  • Students must agree to perform in community service functions as established by YOBC.

Application Requirements

Participation in the YOBC Honors String Quartet is by audition only. There are only four positions: violin 1, violin 2, viola, and cello. Applicants should meticulously prepare audition music which will be available on the YOBC website under music downloads in early August. Auditions will only be held on the afternoon of Saturday, September 9, at BCCC.

YOBC Honors String Quartet General Information

  • Students from the Symphony Orchestra will be selected by audition & recommendation by the Music Director.
  • The ensemble will meet weekly on Sundays from 1:15-2:45 pm.
  • The ensemble will be professionally coached for the first half hour of each rehearsal. Students will rehearse independently for the remaining hour of the rehearsal.
  • Students will participate in YOBC & community performances to be identified by YOBC.
  • Students will receive a $200 YOBC Honors Scholarship upon completing the program.

To schedule an audition, please email the YOBC Administrative Coordinator, Virginia Glatzer, prior to August 31. Unfortunately, no requests for auditions will be accepted after that date: