YOBC Service Scholarship

YOBC Service Scholarship Application

YOBC Service Scholarship Awardees

What is the YOBC Service Scholarship?
Throughout their membership, many students generously give back to YOBC by volunteering their time to help out in a variety of ways. We deeply value the volunteer efforts of our students. Each year, YOBC sponsors Service Scholarship Award to acknowledge these students
Who is eligible?
YOBC students who are currently seniors in high school are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
How is the scholarship recipient chosen?
The scholarship recipient is selected based on his/her service to YOBC above and beyond regular rehearsal and concert attendance. Please remember that the scholarship is awarded based on service throughout his/her cumulative membership. Depending on the applicants, more than one student may be chosen for this scholarship.
What are the application requirements?
To apply for the scholarship, fill out the information on this application form and submit the online form by the published due date.
When is the Service Scholarship awarded?
The YOBC Service Scholarship is awarded at the Spring Concert.
Applications Must Be Submitted by midnight, February 28 to Be Eligible!