Advanced Division

YOBC’s Advanced Division is made up of four ensembles:
These ensembles are composed of some of the finest student musicians in Bucks County and surrounding areas. Most of their members perform with the Bucks County Music Educators Association festival orchestra. Many symphony members also participate in PMEA District, Regional, and All-State ensembles; with the Governor’s School for the Arts; and with community orchestras throughout the region. Students in our Advanced Division are eligible for our international tours. Sophomores and juniors may take part in our annual concerto competition.

Special Opportunities for Advanced Division Students

Student Mentoring Opportunities: Students in YOBC’s Advanced Division have the opportunity to participate in mentoring programs with YOBC Junior/Intermediate students. Student mentors assist conductors in tuning, individual instruction, and running sectionals. Students interested in this opportunity should contact YOBC at:

Student Volunteer Opportunities: All musicians are encouraged to assist YOBC in its many volunteer duties, and can earn service recognition. There are various opportunities for service, including student interns for Prima Strings, Concertino, and Wind Symphony; librarian and seating helpers in all ensembles; adminstrative and concert assistants; and audition helpers. Students interested in these opportunities should contact YOBC: YOBC is happy to provide letters that acknowledge service to our organization on behalf of National Honor Society candidates, or for public school service recognition programs, etc.

YOBC Service Scholarship: During their senior year, Advanced Division musicians are eligible to receive a service scholarship, and are selected based on an application indicating their record of service to YOBC throughout their membership. The awards are presented at the spring concert. The number of service scholarships available may vary from year to year. Information and Application.

The YOBC Outstanding Music Achievement Award: The Outstanding Music Achievement Award was conceived of by the YOBC Student Council and approved by then-YOBC Board President, Joseph Hochreiter, in 2010. This award is designed to recognize and encourage students who, over the course of the year, demonstrate marked improvement in their musical skills and growth as well as dedication to YOBC’s musical mission through careful preparation of their YOBC music and faithful attendance. Each year, one student each from Fanfare Winds and Symphony Orchestra will be chosen for this award.