YOBC: Making Music Together

Thursday’s (11/15) YOBC dress rehearsal is cancelled. As a result, those with a Thursday dress rehearsal should simply report on Saturday as scheduled.) 

(Friday’s dress rehearsal is on as planned. NO CHANGE for Friday.)

Concert Concessions
Sign up to donate concessions for the upcoming concerts:


We will once again be using Remind to send updates out about weather, ensemble-specific announcements, etc. Students and parents can join by texting the class code to the phone number 810-10 (for US residents only). 810-10 is the same for everyone, but the class code (like @math101) is unique to each class. Students and parents don’t need smartphones, just any phone that can receive text messages

Ensemble Class Codes
  • Concertino
    • @conyobc
  • Fanfare WInds
    • @fwyobc
  • Philharmonia
    • @phlyobc
  • Prima Strings
    • @psyobc
  • Ripieno
    • @ripyobc
  • Symphony Orchestra
    • @soyobc
  • Wind Ensemble
    • @weyobc
  • Wind Symphony
    • @wsyobc