Tuition Assistance & Waivers


  • To provide tuition assistance for YOBC students with demonstrated financial need.
  • To provide a follow-up program for YOBC students who have previously received the YOBC President’s Scholarship.


Open to all students in (or accepted into) YOBC.
Students must participate in their school’s performance music program (if available).
Students and their families must demonstrate financial need and a commitment to YOBC.

Student Committment:

Students approved for Tuition Assistance Scholarships are expected to demonstrate the highest commitment to YOBC in terms of preparedness, attendance, leadership, and full participation in YOBC programs and concerts.
Students must agree to abide by YOBC’s policies as outlined in our Student Handbook (see Documents & Forms in the Members area of the website). Applicants should pay particular attention to the attendance requirements.
To apply for Tuition Assistance or a Tuition Waiver, complete the Request Form.