Band Placement

Placement Process for Returning Wind and Percussion Students into a BAND ENSEMBLE at All Levels

Returning YOBC wind/percussion students will be placed in YOBC band ensembles based on conductor recommendation and audition. all current YOBC band students will take part in an evaluation process as determined by your current conductor. The goals of these evaluations are to:
  • Assess the current skill level of each individual student
  • Inform conductors’ decisions regarding a recommendations for auditions
  • Aid in determining the most appropriate ensemble placement for each student
  • Aid in determining seating placement within ensembles and orchestral recommendations
  • Aid in repertoire selection by knowing the capability of individual members

Students recommended for auditions (brass, woodwind) will be notified of their scheduled time. Auditions will take place in the spring.

Audition Requirements:

Returning students should be prepared to play the following required music in their audition.  Student should seek the guidance of their private teachers in the selection and preparation of audition music.

Retuning Wind Symphony Students

  1. A solo which represents your best technical accomplishment. Band music is not acceptable.
  2. Scales which demonstrate your range on your instrument and variety of keys.
  3. Sightreading (music to be provided at the audition by the judge).

Returning Wind Ensemble Students

    1. Two solos or etudes (or excerpts) which demonstrates your best technical accomplishment. Solo should be at least as difficult as the BCMEA County Middle School solo.
    2. Scales up to 4 sharps or 4 flats performed in octaves and tempos which demonstrate your best technical skills.

Returning Fanfare Winds Students

Evaluations will take place before, during, or after rehearsals. Students currently in Fanfare Winds will not need to re-audition.

Percussion Requirements

Current percussion students will be evaluated by the percussion specialist and placement will be determined based on conductor recommendations.

Please Note:   All YOBC percussionists are required to participate in Percussion Ensemble and a band ensemble.   Some students will also be recommended for participation in a YOBC orchestra (Symphony Orchestra or Philharmonia)

Parents and students will be notified of their band ensemble placement in early May. Orchestral notifications will be sent out separately.
Click here for information on placement into Orchestra assignments (Symphony Orchestra & Philharmonia)