Audition Information

Students who were unable to schedule an audition on May 18 & 19, may still request an audition by filling out the online form.  YOBC’s Audition Coordinator will then contact them to schedule a late audition as soon as possible.

Audition for YOBC

School Music Program Participation Requirement

All students must participate in their school instrumental music program as available.

Conduct Requirement

YOBC requires students to treat their conductors, ensemble liaisons, and fellow musicians with respect. Students who repeatedly engage in disruptive or disrespectful behavior may be dismissed and required to forfeit YOBC membership and tuition.

Private Lesson Requirement

Students who are not taking private lessons are allowed to audition for YOBC, however, all students who are accepted are required to begin private lessons prior to enrolling.  YOBC requires all student members to take private lessons.

General Audition Guidelines

  • Choose audition solos and scales that represent your current level of playing.
  • Audition music should be thoroughly prepared and not music the student is still learning.
  • Students should consult their  private teacher or school music teacher for selection and preparation of appropriate audition music.
  • Bring an extra copy of your music to the audition for the auditioners.
  • The audition will take approximately 10 minutes. In most cases, students and parents will be advised of the results at the end of the audition.
For more specific audition guidelines for your instrument follow these links:


Large ensembles rehearse weekly on Sunday afternoons during the months of September-November and January-April at the Bucks County Community College, Newtown Campus. Most chamber groups rehearse weekly; string sectionals occur on a rotating basis for some ensembles. For details as to exact times please see the webpage of the individual ensembles.
Contact: Virginia Glatzer, Administrative Coordinator, 267-225-1908.
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