YOBC Strategic Plan 2017-22

YOBC’s Board of Directors approved a new five-year strategic plan in  June 2017.

The plan affirms YOBC Values:

  • Artistic Excellence as achievable for each ensemble
  • Teamwork among staff, participants and volunteers
  • Providing a Nurturing, Respectful and Enjoyable environment that supports all participants
  • Challenging all participants to strive to maximize their musical development and personal growth
  • The promotion of Service to others through individual and collective efforts

The plan recognizes  the following as YOBC’s Key Areas of Organizational Focus:

  1. Core YOBC Ensembles – Provide a musical experience at the highest level possible to challenge
    participants from their entry into YOBC through high school.
  2. Special Music Programs for Core Ensembles – Provide additional opportunities, such as master
    classes, guest artists, concerts and workshops, each year to enrich and broaden participants’
    educational experience.
  3. Students-in-Concert – Partner with schools to provide access to enhanced instrumental music
    education programs for students who live in communities where schools have reduced or
    eliminated such programs.
  4. Personnel – Secure and support high quality artistic and administrative personnel required to
    support YOBC’s mission and continued artistic growth.
  5. Facilities and Infrastructure – Proactively identify and secure administrative and
    artistic/educational facilities required to support YOBC’s mission and continued artistic growth.
  6. Financial Stability & Management – Ensure the continued financial health of YOBC through
    effective financial planning, development and stewardship of financial resources, as well as the
    continued review and enhancement of financial processes and controls.
  7. Marketing & Awareness of YOBC – Build awareness of YOBC, its mission and programs with the
    families of potential participants and the music and education communities as well as potential
    individual and corporate donors.